Explore Innovation: Science Inc. Fall 2023 Showcase

View founder pitches, dive into company overviews, learn more about the program, and connect with our entrepreneurs.


EndoShunt is developing a medical device to end preventable deaths from abdominal bleeding, enabling trauma surgeons to save lives.


Graftable is developing oxygen therapeutics to improve graft survival after reconstrucitve surgey.

Sindri Materials

Sindri Materials is utilizing high-quality graphene production to revolutionize the way macromolecules are visualized, enabling impactful breakthroughs in vaccines and therapeutics.


Serentrix is developing medication for pain relief without addiction.

Edulis Therapeutics

Edulis is developing a minimally-invasive bioresorbable implant for localized drug delivery in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Cyta Therapeutics

Cyta Therapeutics is developing a therapeutic to treat obesity and associated cardiometabolic diseases.


NKA Bio is developing therapeutic antibodies for critical care to buy more time for lifesaving treatments.


Margik is the world’s first low-cost high-volume Organic LED platform that is enabling automotive lighting to become efficient and sustainable.


RecurX Bio is a personalized diagnostic platform that provides clinicians with otherwise unavailable information regarding patient tumor diagnosis and treatment.

About Science Inc.

What it Is

A 14-week virtual accelerator that takes science startups to the next level through business curriculum, expert mentorship, and network building.

How it Works

Each week, Science Inc. offers Zoom workshops led by entrepreneurial experts on business-building topics and developing an investor-ready pitch.

Feedback from Science Inc. Graduates

Science Inc. delivered a fantastic curriculum, expressly designed to help de-risk our deal and ultimately make our company investable!

– Jason Winder

Founder & CEO of Sonogen Med

Sometimes the founder journey can be lonely; the Science Inc. team was so helpful in lending a hand and offering us resources as we built our business. Being part of the 2023 cohort reminded us how lucky we are to be entrepreneurs trying to make change. The one-on-one mentorship was invaluable, and we loved meeting and getting to know everyone.

-Sarah Beth Gleeson

Founder & CEO of Baleena

Science Inc. has been an incredible accelerant to our organization growth. During this short time we’ve revamped and bolstered crucial organizational strategies and documentation that will support our long-term success.

-Tyler Zanon

CEO of EndoShunt

Who it’s for:

Science startups in industrial/agricultural biology, advanced materials, healthcare, nutrition, renewable energy, and chemical compounds. 

What You’ll Gain:

  • Essential skills for company growth: business models, financial projections, market assessments.
  • Access to a vibrant community of founders, mentors, and industry leaders at Innovation Space.