Innovation Space CEO: Public-Private Partnerships Spur Innovation  

Innovation Space President and CEO Bill Provine Shares Experience with Attendees of University-Industry Partnership Conference

Nashville, TN. — Bill Provine, President and CEO of The Innovation Space ™ will speak to attendees of the 2023 University-Industry Development Partnership (UIDP) conference this week about the ways such partnerships can energize innovation ecosystems. The Innovation Space is a prime example of a successful partnership between the State of Delaware, DuPont, and the University of Delaware that is catalyzing scientific innovation.

While public-private partnerships (P3) have become common models for local governments to fund infrastructure needs, this dynamic is only starting to become more popular for large-scale workforce development initiatives and startup development.

As the founder and CEO of The Innovation Space™, a not-for-profit innovation ecosystem as well as a virtual and physical home for leading science entrepreneurs, Provine has supported and cultivated dozens of science and technology startups in their quests to become leaders in their respective industries. Provine serves on the boards for the National Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Resolution Project, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has decades of experience in science and engineering- based innovation and commercialization at DuPont, where he oversaw both the company’s global innovation centers and regional labs.

“What we have found with the Innovation Space model is that early-stage startups thrive in an ecosystem where many resources can be brought to bear to support them,” said Provine. “We’ve combined a strong innovation pipeline through our partners and networks at leading research universities such as the University of Delaware combined with the industry leadership and commercialization expertise of DuPont and the investment of our state government to create a platform that has launched and accelerated over 100 companies. This model has catalyzed innovation on both a regional and nationwide scale through our virtual programs and state-of-the art scientific laboratories.”

The UIDP brings together university and private industry entities to share challenges and successes and build new partnerships. Provine will be joined by Clarence Anthony Jr., the Workforce Development Program Manager for the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation. The full UIDP schedule can be found here.

In just six years since its inception in 2017, Innovation Space, located on the Experimental Station campus in Wilmington, Delaware, has supported and enabled more than 100 startups in their growth journeys, which in turn has raised over $800 million in private capital.


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The Innovation Space ™ is a not-for-profit innovation ecosystem and is a virtual and physical home for leading science entrepreneurs.  The Innovation Space™ works to “transform science and technology startups into industry leading companies.” Located on the historic Experimental Station campus in Wilmington, Delaware, The Innovation Space™ is comprised of 130,000 ft2 of state of the art lab and office space with access to cutting edge equipment alongside a suite of entrepreneurship programs and opportunities supporting startup growth. Register for more information and updates to learn more about all The Innovation Space™ programs and funding opportunities.

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