Innovation Space Launches Spring Accelerator Program with 9 New Startups

Spring cohort includes companies specializing in life sciences, clean tech, and advanced materials.

Wilmington, Delaware — The Innovation Space™ today announced that it has accepted nine companies to join its Spring 2024 Science Inc.™ Accelerator Program, a virtual, cohort-based accelerator for early-stage science-based startups. With the support of expert coaches (Entrepreneurs-in-Residence), Science Inc.™ participants will work toward major milestones to ramp up their businesses. 

Science Inc.™ gives companies access to industry and investment experts who  advise participants on decision-making in the critical early stages of their development. Through the connections with experts and their cohort, participants cultivate a network of potential investors and collaborator partners.

Eligible participating startups also have an opportunity to apply for an investment of up to $200,000 in support through The Innovation Space’s First Fund™. 

“This is an exciting Science Inc. cohort, with companies representing a broad range of industries,” said Bill Provine, Innovation Space founder and CEO. “These startups are innovating on some of the most important issues facing us today, from decarbonization and sustainable materials to therapeutics that will improve health outcomes for patients.”

Companies participating in the Spring 2024 cohort include: 

Amalgent Therapeutics is dedicated to enhancing the treatment of severe pain by exploring novel combinations of molecules to develop innovative drugs that offer effective pain relief with reduced side effects, particularly addiction.

Eco Carbon is a chemical startup that aims to sell high-value carbon products through its patented game-changing technology that can de-plasticize plastic wastes and transform them into various carbon products.

Ephemeral Devices creates hardware and software solutions for automating and advancing dynamic imaging and real-time analysis at the nanoscale for creating digital twins in solar and semiconductor manufacturing.

Green Spear is generating anode grade graphite from sustainably sourced CO2 for the lithium-ion battery industry.

ImmuNoVx Biotech is an early-stage company whose mission is to develop a groundbreaking platform technology that allows rapid, low-cost, large-scale manufacturing of live-attenuated, replication-defective DNA pathogens to produce a novel class of vaccines.

NucleoTech is developing a drug delivery platform leveraging nanobody carriers to shuttle therapeutics to the brain, addressing a critical challenge where only ~3% of drugs that enter the bloodstream reach the brain and enabling improved treatment for dozens of conditions.

Silisium Tech is a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff whose mission is to rebuild the US solar supply chain while decreasing cost and decarbonizing at the same time through their novel process of continuous silicon wafer production.

Simmbion is a living medicine company dedicated to replacing needle-based treatment delivery with cell therapy.

Unsmudgeable is a green permanent anti-smudge eyewear lens coating for a lifetime of clear vision.

To date and including the current cohort, Science Inc.™ has supported 70 startup participants from 15 states and four countries, including the U.S. 

“For any aspiring founder or startup, we highly recommend applying for this expertly organized and moderated accelerator program,” said Christopher DiMarco, PhD, CEO and founder of Sindri Materials Corp., a Science Inc. alumni company. “It is fast paced, yet comprehensive, offering a wealth of knowledge each week. The dedicated team and experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence make the journey truly invaluable.”

The Science Inc.™ accelerator program accepts companies twice per year, in the fall and spring. The selective program receives applications from across the United States and beyond, with special consideration given to startups who are located or interested in locating within the Mid-Atlantic region.  

Science Inc.™ is among a suite of Innovation Space programs funded by a $1.5 million U.S. Department of Commerce grant,which is designed to build regional economies by supporting the growth of technology-oriented startups. 

About The Innovation Space: 

The Innovation Space™ is a not-for-profit innovation ecosystem and is a virtual and physical home for leading science startups.  The Innovation Space™ works to “transform science and technology startups into industry leading companies.” Located on the historic Experimental Station campus in Wilmington, Delaware, The Innovation Space™ is comprised of 130,000 ft2 of state-of-the-art lab and office space with access to cutting edge equipment alongside a suite of entrepreneurship programs and opportunities supporting startup growth. Sign up for more information and updates to learn more about all The Innovation Space™ programs and funding opportunities. 

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