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Innovation Space Welcomes New Start-Ups to Science & Tech Accelerator Program

Science Inc.™ fall cohort includes companies specializing in cell & gene therapy, medical technology and clean energy 

(Wilmington, DE) – The Innovation Space ™ has accepted 10 companies for the Fall 2022 Science Inc. Accelerator Program, a virtual, cohort-based accelerator for early-stage startups in the sciences.  With the support of expert coaches (Entrepreneurs-in-Residence), Science Inc. ™ participants will work toward major milestones in order to ramp up their businesses quickly and successfully.

The four-month program includes weekly business curriculum and meetings, as well as coaching and training. Eligible startups also have an opportunity to apply for up to an additional $200k in support through the First Fund™ investment program.

Science Inc.™ gives companies access to industry and investment experts who can advise them on decision-making in the critical early stages of their development. Through those connections with experts and their cohort, participants cultivate a network of potential funders and collaborators.  

“We are thrilled to welcome our current cohort of Science Inc.™ participants, eager to support their developing business, and excited to see what they manifest as a result of this accelerant,” said Innovation Space ™ founder and CEO Bill Provine. “For companies in the startup phase, the expertise and experience of our network of advisors can make a tremendous difference in how quickly they are ready to launch and how successful they are at bringing their ideas and inventions to market.”

Companies participating in the fall 2022 cohort include the following:

  • Ally Power Inc. is a hydrogen and electric gas station company with zero-emission and carbon-negative solutions for both infrastructure and vehicles.
  • ARDAN Pharma is developing a first-in-class immunotherapy that aims to address the problem of therapeutic resistance in cancer patients by using a small molecule that enhances anti-tumoral responses while targeting the malignant cell.
  • Atlas FermenTech is a specialty ingredients company developing sustainable technologies to produce products by fermentation. 
  • Flow Medical is setting the new standard of care for interventional pulmonary embolism treatment and improving patient safety by enabling personalized, precision medicine with its data-driven catheter. 
  • NKILT Therapeutics is a new cell therapy biotech developing a novel approach of engineering Natural Killer (NK) cells with their unique Chimeric ILT-Receptor (CIR) binding technology to directly target leukemias and solid tumors.
  • Neuronity is developing first-in-class gene therapy to cure Parkinson’s disease and protect against age-related neurological disorders by restoring healthy immune responses.
  • Novaurum Bioscience has developed AuPEC (Augmented Protection and Enhancement Coatings), a novel coating technology of a nanocomposite of cells and noble metal nanoparticles. This technology seeks to address the growing problem of hospital-acquired infections, specifically around implantable devices.
  • OncoXome is an oncology therapeutic startup focused on inducing cancer cell death and preventing cancer resistance in advanced lung, colorectal and pancreatic cancer cases — the biggest challenge  facing  oncology today.
  • Quantum Copper is innovating solutions to prevent the incidence of fire in lithium batteries by limiting thermal runaway inside the cell using patented fire-retardant polymer solutions. 
  • Score Pharma leverages the power of small molecule pharmacology to develop improved potency versions of existing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies through its operationally simple CoreX™ technology platform. 

To date and including the current cohort, Science Inc.™ has enrolled 37 startup participants from 12 states and four countries, including the U.S. 

“Participation in Science Inc.™ has opened doors for my company and taken us from an idea to a working prototype,” said program alumnus Dr. Jalaal Hayes, Founder, Elyte Energy. “The authenticity of the business lessons and hands-on mentorship have helped me acquire at least 20% of our seed funding goal so far.”

The Science Inc.™ Accelerator program accepts companies twice per year, in the fall and spring. The selective program receives applications from across the United States and beyond, with special consideration given to startups who are located or interested in locating within the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Eligible industries include: Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Chemicals and Chemical Products, Diagnostics, Clean Technology , Electronics/Instrumentation, Food and Beverage, Healthcare Services, Industrial/Energy, Marine, Medical Devices and Equipment, Nanotechnology, Oil and Gas, Renewables/Renewable Energy, Semiconductors, Telecommunications, Therapeutics, and Transportation. 

Science Inc.™ is among a suite of Innovation Space programs funded by a $1.5 million U.S. Department of Commerce grant,which is designed to build regional economies by supporting the growth of technology-oriented startups.

About The Innovation Space:

The Innovation Space ™ is a nonprofit incubator for hard science ventures, launched through a partnership between the State of Delaware, DuPont, and the University of Delaware. The organization works to “transform science and technology start-ups into industry leading companies.” Located on the historic DuPont Experimental Station Campus, the 130,000 square foot innovation ecosystem offers state of the art lab and office space with access to cutting edge equipment alongside a suite of entrepreneurship programs and opportunities supporting startup growth. Register for more information and updates about all Innovation Space™ programs and funding opportunities. 


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